Flooding caused by burst pipes, sewage overflow, or a storm can leave your home in disarray and your mind searching for answers. Having to deal with the costs and repairs on your own can seem overwhelming. Don’t allow the stress of such an event to diminish your spirit. Instead, take action and hire a water damage restoration company.

There are many highly-qualified restoration companies standing by to assist you with your disaster needs. Following a water-related event to your home or business, the time to act is critical. If you intend to minimize the damage and prevent secondary damages from occurring, your best bet is to contact a restoration company as soon as possible.

Common Post-Water Event Issues

Here are a few common issues that you may run into following a water-related disaster.

Health Hazards

It should come as no surprise that the threat of electric shock is very real following a flood. Water may have breached sockets, surge protectors, and plugged-in appliances raising the risk of a shock hazard.

The problems don’t stop at electrical. If the water was the result of a sewage overflow then the flooding most likely contains contaminants. The potential for bacteria and viral contamination is high and should be left to the professionals.

Possible Mold Growth

Where there is water damage, mold is sure to follow if not treated promptly. It only takes mold spores 24-48 hours to complete growth which brings with it a new list of problems. A water restoration company will be on the scene quickly to dry up all residual moisture and help prevent secondary complications.

Document the Damages

To get the most out of your insurance claim, you’ll want to document the evidence of a disaster. Taking pictures of the areas affected by the water-related incident will ensure that all damages are accounted for. This includes walls, floors, carpets, ceilings, and valuables.

Benefits of Hiring a Water Restoration Company

If you want to minimize the damage caused by the water-related event, then you’ll need to get a water restoration company on your side. The first 48 hours are critical in preventing additional damages to your property. To lower the costs and time it takes to clean up such a disaster, then you’ll need the services of a highly-qualified technician.

Superior Water Extraction and Drying Techniques

Clearly, if you want your home back to normal, it’s going to take time and a whole lot of drying power. This is where the restoration company comes in. They have the tools and know-how to get your home or business moisture free in a more efficient and effective way than you attempting it on your own.

A technician will be able to remove standing water, extract water from flooring and carpets, and accelerate the drying process. A quick process is absolutely necessary in order to minimize the chance for mold growth to occur.

Health Concerns

With the potential for waterborne illness from contaminated water, it’s best to leave the cleanup to the experts. A hired professional will know the additional steps needed in extracting the water and removing the contaminants to ensure that your home or business is safe.

Reduction in Total Loss and Restoration Costs

Hiring a water restoration company is not only the best way to handle cleanup but it can actually reduce your total losses. Flooding can cause structural damage in addition to the damage you can see. There is also the risk of additional hidden damages to flooring or walls if water is allowed to sit.

Swift action is necessary in order to save furniture, personal belongings, documents, and the other contents of your home or office. The sooner the water is extracted, the better the chances you can reduce your losses and minimize damages. The less damage done, the lower the restoration costs.

Don’t stand idle while your home or office suffers water damages. The costs and repairs only grow the longer you wait to take action. Hire a reliable water restoration company and know that your property and well-being are in good hands.

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