Six Cleaning Steps to Prevent Mold Growth


When it comes to owning any property, there’s a certain four-letter word you hope you never hear mentioned. The very mention of the word strike fear in the hearts and minds of homeowners everywhere. This word means complicated issues, costly repairs, and potential illness. What is it? M-O-L-D.


Here’s the thing, mold is everywhere. If you’ve ever walked outside and returned home, you’ve brought in mold spores. When your home was being built, there were mold spores freely floating in and out. Have a pet dog or outside cat? Hello mold spores!


But why does the thought of “having mold in your home” cause so much angst among property owners? The team at Radiant Home Cleaning Services gives us a few tips on how to clean up to prevent mold.


The Key to Preventing Mold is Understanding Mold


To prevent mold, we’ve got to understand it. You’ve got mold in your home – you just don’t have colonizing mold – except perhaps in the shower. You see, mold spores aren’t visible to the human eye until they’ve started a colony. It’s at that point at which you can visibly see mold that you’ve got a mold problem.


Mold needs 3 things to colonize or grow. It needs food, water, and temperature. Understanding how mold grows is key to preventing it. Removing any one of the three necessary items for mold growth prevents mold from colonizing.


Cleaning to Prevent Mold

Now that we understand what mold is, we can better tackle the cleaning steps to stop it from growing in our precious homes keeping our family safe from what can lead to a toxic living environment.

Clean Up Wet Spots Immediately


Standing water means moisture and moisture means the potential for mold growth. You often see mold growth in shower corners because our dead skin cells, standing water, and the warm humidity from the shower make the bathroom prime real estate for mold.

Increase Air Flow


Humidity is often caused by poor air flow. Clean out vents and ductwork to ensure proper air flow moving throughout the home. Without temperature, there can be no mold. Focus on air flow in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement areas.

Stock up on Mold Resistant Products


Ever seen mold resistant shower curtains? There are a slew of mold curbing home products that will keep mold growth at bay and keep your mind at ease. Adding on to your home? Consider mold resistant drywall. Drywall is an organic material that mold spores love snacking on.

Clean Your Gutters


Dirty and Clogged gutters mean standing water and standing water loves mold. Clean out your gutters after a heavy storm. Check for roofing stains – this main be an indication of mold growth or a leak in your roofing.

Clean Up Household Plants


Just like mold – plants need moisture, temperature and food sources to grow to make them a hot place for mold to grow. You don’t need to remove indoor plants, but try adding a bit of taheebo tea to your plants water to discourage fungus and mold growth.

Think Twice before Drying Clothes Outside


There’s nothing like the smell of freshly hung clothes on a clothesline – and the mold agrees. Like we mentioned before, simple coming into the home from outside bring in mold spores. If you’re erring on the side of caution, opt for the dryer when it comes to drying clothes to keep mold spores from leaching onto fabrics.

When In Doubt, Call a Mold Expert


Not all old growth can be tackled by store-bought cleaning products. A rule of thumb – if you can see mold growth on drywall, there’s probably a lot more on the inside of the wall. Call a mold remediation expert to get an assessment of your mold issue. Simply putting a band-aid on mold growth can lead to much more serious issues down the road, so when in doubt, get a professional opinion.


Mold doesn’t always have to strike fear into the hearts of those owning homes. A solid cleaning plan can prevent mold growth from even starting in the first place! The best time to stop mold is before it starts so try the above cleaning tips and techniques to keep your home healthy and happy!

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